Xenophobia meet Philoxenos

“As a white Christian male, let me say that there is zero room -nay even less than that- for hatred or violence toward anyone of any race, gender, religion, handicap, or sexual orientation. Sometimes pastors and Christians don't post on these topics because of their controversy, but we cannot let other "Christians" misrepresent us unchecked. … Continue reading Xenophobia meet Philoxenos


13 Reasons 

I just finished watching the series “13 reasons why” the Netflix show that a couple of weeks ago was causing a ruckus. It only took a few days, but that’s because I plan to cancel my Netflix account after the free one month trial, not because I was binge watching. In fact, I debated watching … Continue reading 13 Reasons 


Have you ever won anything? A contest, sweepstakes, anything? It’s a surreal feeling when out of the hundreds of names, yours is picked. Even winning a couple of bucks on a scratch off does something for us. Science says that little win releases dopamine and testosterone in our brain. That’s why gambling can become addictive … Continue reading #Losing