Photography by Matt Wyatt

We Need Lunks

I wasn’t sure if my gym was open tonight because of the holiday weekend so I decided to Google it. I quickly and easily found the hours and so much more. Sitting underneath the hours of operation were several reviews. Several negative reviews. Having never had a negative experience myself, I was a little taken back and wondered if I had somehow overlooked my gym’s apparent atrociousness.

As I read through, I noticed two common themes. First, the positive reviews were written by your average Joe looking to occasionally use equipment they don’t have at home. They’re not looking to become body builders or take this exercise thing too seriously. They just wanted to go somewhere, drop in and go. The other and more predominant theme was written by those complaining about the place being an amateur gym. They see pizza days and tootsie rolls at the front counter as counterintuitive to the mission of getting healthier. More importantly, these people didn’t feel welcomed.

The gym itself refers to these people as ‘lunks’ a slang term defined underneath the giant lunk alarm on the wall of the gym as someone who grunts, drops weights or judges others and when someone does any of these things (in the eyes of the staff) the alarm goes off clearly pointing out the perpetrator.

Isn’t interesting what this gym has done? This gym that wants everyone to be a part of the planet, that has ‘you belong’ and ‘no judgment zone’ signs decorating it’s walls, by ostracizing these lunks has violated it’s very own mission statement. The only ones judged on this planet of non-judgment are the lunks who are probably the healthiest ones there anyway! The truth is, we need lunks. Sure, sometimes they can be annoying; lunks aren’t perfect but they do set an example, not in their grunting but in their commitment and dedication. In all honesty, us who are half-way committed to this thing called exercise could learn a thing or two from them.

Do you see the metaphor?

We live in a a culture, very concerned with being non-judgmental and its infiltrated the church. I’m afraid we have designed a place for those who want to be just morally fit enough to get into heaven but still fool around on the weekend. A place where those who believe Jesus wanted so much more than just going to church once a week -a complete lifestyle change- are ousted. Alarms go off when they push the norms a little too much or make anyone uncomfortable with the power of God’s word. But the truth is we need these spiritual lunks. Our culture needs them now more them ever; spiritual giants who know that you cannot just live off of milk, you need solid food (See 1 Cor 3:2).

Indeed, everyone can and does belong in the body of Christ but you see, without the lunks, without the spiritual leaders who daily pick-up there crosses and follow Christ, who have some moral backbone, we’d be simply missing the point of Christianity. It’d be like going to the gym once a week, eating junk the rest of the time and then condemning those who exemplify a healthier way to live. What kind of planet would that be? What kind of church would that be?


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