Author: Matthew

A Good Friend

Have you ever been bullied by someone? When I was in middle school, there was a kid who for a couple of weeks just seemed to have it out for me. I always saw him in the principal’s office or being chastised by a teacher for his disruptive behavior. Today I would probably ascertain that … Continue reading A Good Friend


Created in His Image

I was honored this morning to be able to teach during church service. These opportunities only come a few times out of the year, but I love the practice. The more I get up on stage, the less and less nervous I seem to get. Thankful for a church that listens to me and shares … Continue reading Created in His Image

13 Reasons 

I just finished watching the series “13 reasons why” the Netflix show that a couple of weeks ago was causing a ruckus. It only took a few days, but that’s because I plan to cancel my Netflix account after the free one month trial, not because I was binge watching. In fact, I debated watching … Continue reading 13 Reasons