Author: Matthew

Real Feelings Allowed

I had a class in college where the professor allowed us bring in a song as part of a show and tell. It wasn’t something you were required to do, just if you wanted to. The professor was great. He was the type of guy who cared about you deeply and could have celestial conversations … Continue reading Real Feelings Allowed


Come back the next day: thoughts on grace.

Last week our youth group, along with a couple of other churches, did some mission work in Detroit. We collaborated with a sister church to put on a bible program for children in the local neighborhood. The program consisted of lunch, field trips, games and a basic overview of the bible. I think everyone on … Continue reading Come back the next day: thoughts on grace.

13 Reasons 

I just finished watching the series “13 reasons why” the Netflix show that a couple of weeks ago was causing a ruckus. It only took a few days, but that’s because I plan to cancel my Netflix account after the free one month trial, not because I was binge watching. In fact, I debated watching … Continue reading 13 Reasons 


Have you ever won anything? A contest, sweepstakes, anything? It’s a surreal feeling when out of the hundreds of names, yours is picked. Even winning a couple of bucks on a scratch off does something for us. Science says that little win releases dopamine and testosterone in our brain. That’s why gambling can become addictive … Continue reading #Losing

Out of the Box

Last week I had the privilege of sharing God's word during the main service at my church. You can listen to my sermon by clicking the link below. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below! Click here to listen to Out of The Box!