Church Dependent Evangelism

Tomorrow morning in youth group, I am going to tell my students that they don’t have to bring their friends to church. As a part-time youth pastor with only a handful of regularly attending students, you might think I’m crazy to tell them such a thing. I promise I haven’t jumped off the deep end. … Continue reading Church Dependent Evangelism


You’re not the third member of the trinity.

In college, we had this joke in the theology department that John Wesley was the third member of the trinity. Being a university with a Methodist heritage, Wesley’s thoughts and writings permeated every class we took. We were reminded of the Wesleyan quadrilateral as we walked through the central courtyard of campus, its pillars on … Continue reading You’re not the third member of the trinity.


Have you ever won anything? A contest, sweepstakes, anything? It’s a surreal feeling when out of the hundreds of names, yours is picked. Even winning a couple of bucks on a scratch off does something for us. Science says that little win releases dopamine and testosterone in our brain. That’s why gambling can become addictive … Continue reading #Losing

Out of the Box

Last week I had the privilege of sharing God's word during the main service at my church. You can listen to my sermon by clicking the link below. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below! Click here to listen to Out of The Box!