Lay down your Stones

In any typical grocery store you will find a clearance section with an assortment of items which all have one thing in common; they’re flawed.  They might be nearing their expiration date or have a dent, a scratch a ding etc. They come with a label on them, “As Is” There is no returning them, … Continue reading Lay down your Stones


A Little Uncomfortable

More than anything right now, I want to be walking pain free and without crutches in a way that I haven’t done in at least four months and in a way that is better than ever before. As I lay in bed my mind says “Let’s get up and go!” but when I try it … Continue reading A Little Uncomfortable


For the first month or so of what seems like forever, I was doing fine on crutches. I don’t celebrate the occasions, but this wasn’t my first time using the metal medical sticks. Over the years, I have learned how to hold them correctly so that you won’t need towels wrapped around the tops to … Continue reading Perseverance