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What’s it matter?

This week our youth group worked alongside an inner-city church that recently bought an old Greek-Orthodox  church. You could easily tell it was originally Greek-Orthodox by the ornate inlay in its arched ceilings, cupola dome, bell tower on the western side and sanctuary on the eastern. Going unused for years, the church like many old buildings … Continue reading What’s it matter?


Why I Went Back

Tonight I found myself in a strangely familiar environment. I walked through the doors of my former high school and Instant mental flashbacks, memories, sights and smells flooded my head. It's a place that at one time I wanted to completely forget.Many people don't know this about me, but I actually dropped out of high school. … Continue reading Why I Went Back


When we look at the ministry of Jesus, we have to take notice of who he spent time with. we see He often encountered people who were considered 'unclean.' The reasons for their being considered unclean were various. One of the more common conditions mentioned is leprosy. Obviously medical knowledge at the time was limited, but somewhere along the way people noticed … Continue reading Untouchable